Are You Protected?

We are known for providing a wide range of insurance, extended warranty and ancillary products. With such a variety on offer, we have a little something for everyone, but sometimes it can be difficult choosing the right product to suit your current needs and priorities.

Do you have a growing family? Are you  just starting in a new job? Or are you ready to strike out onto the
road for some real adventures in your recreational vehicle? Check out the mini-stories below to get a better idea of what your protection needs might be.

Down the Road

You’ve always put a lot of thought into each vehicle purchase since you know that, whatever you choose, you will be driving it for several years. Reliability is important to you. But even the best factory warranties eventually expire, and when yours does, are you prepared to face the repair bills alone?

How do you protect your vehicle?

Our SAL Protection Plan Extended Warranty picks up where the manufacturer’s warranty leaves off to keep you covered for the long-term. Better yet, with our range of terms and deductibles, you can choose a level of protection to suit your needs.


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The Big Promotion

After a recent promotion, you decide to finance a new vehicle to celebrate your ascent into the next tax bracket. Now, only two years later, your company announces that they are considering layoffs. Within weeks, you have lost your job and face payments on a vehicle you can no longer afford.

How do you plan for the future?

Because it’s impossible to see where life will take you, you can rest easy with our Creditor Loss of Employment Insurance, which ensures that your vehicle loan payments will be made for you in the event that you involuntarily lose your job.


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With a growing family, you and your spouse have decided to finance a second vehicle.  Although having two vehicles will make your lives easier, the added financial burden has you looking for ways to cut expenses. You may be tempted to forgo creditor disability insurance, but with a young family to provide for, you actually need more coverage, not less.

How do you protect your family?

As much as we like to think that serious illness and injuries are unlikely to affect our lives, the reality is that life is uncertain. The best way to protect your love ones is to plan ahead. Our disability coverage will take care of your loan payments in the event that you become totally disabled and unable to work, leaving you free to spend your money where it’s needed most.

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Buying a Recreational Vehicle can be an exciting time. It’s easy to picture yourself on the open road, enjoying life and exploring new landscapes. But what happens when your new purchase breaks down halfway into your journey down the coast?

Where do you go for help?

A SAL Protection Plan Extended Warranty can provide you with benefits like 24/7 Roadside Assistance, with towing back to your selling dealership or to a destination of your choice. You also get Trip Interruption coverage for lodging and meal expenses if a breakdown occurs and an overnight repair is needed when you're more than 150 km away from home.

> Learn more about our SAL Protection Plan Extended Warranty

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